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News   Mitec-Jebsen ramps up annual production of balancer shafts to one million sets in 2013
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Mitec-Jebsen ramps up annual production of balancer shafts to one million sets in 2013
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Beijing, China – May 15, 2014—To meet the rising demand from foreign and domestic automotive manufacturers in China, Mitec-Jebsen Automotive Systems (Dalian) increased production in 2013 to produce one million sets of balancer shafts. This new record represented an annual production increase of 20% compared to 2012.


Mitec-Jebsen has been awarded a trophy in recognition of achieving the production of one million sets of balancer shafts in 2013


The joint venture (JV) of MITEC Automotive AG and Jebsen Automotive Technik of Beijing, Mitec-Jebsen was established in 2007 as the first foreign-owned company in China to develop and manufacture balancer shaft systems. It has steadily increased production capacity ever since. Mitec-Jebsen produces balancers of the highest international quality, while maintaining a localized cost structure- and using proven manufacturing technologies from Mitec as well as a variety of advanced CNC machine tools from world-leading brands.

“Producing one million balancer sets during 2013 represents an important milestone for Mitec-Jebsen and the automotive segments we serve. We initially supplied balancers only to global automakers such as Volkswagen China to support localization, but as China’s domestic auto manufacturers have worked to upgrade their powertrain offerings, we have had to increase our development and production capacities to ensure that we can meet future demand,” said Mr. Arnie Jensen, general manager of Jebsen Automotive Technik.

In 2013, Mitec-Jebsen began production of its first balancer shaft systems for the Chinese automotive brand, BAIC. This year it will also begin working with the OEM partner of another well-known domestic auto company.

Having established itself as a leading local supplier of high-performance balance shaft systems, Mitec-Jebsen is now planning to expand its portfolio with the production of high-precision gears. This will introduce another advanced Mitec technology to China’s manufacturing sector and leverage Mitec-Jebsen’s advanced manufacturing staff and efficient operations to add value for OEM customers.


Mitec-Jebsen has been awarded a trophy in recognition of achieving the production of one million sets of balancer shafts in 2013


“With MITEC Automotive AG and Jebsen Automotive Technik working in partnership over the past seven years, Mitec-Jebsen has solidified its position as a leader in its field. Now is the time to expand its capabilities as we continue to combine our expertise and further develop Mitec-Jebsen to its full potential,” Mr. Christopher Militzer, Chief Business Development Officer of MITEC Automotive AG, said.

“Joint ventures such as Mitec-Jebsen remain an effective business model in China’s large and rapidly developing automotive industry. Through our JVs, we help our partners localize their niche technologies and jointly support our OEM and Tier One customers with competitive component solutions,” Mr. Jensen added.

China is the world’s largest automobile market and its automotive industry is still growing. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), China’s auto market grew almost 14% in 2013, with 2014 expected to be another strong year with 8-10% growth.



Jebsen Automotive Technik supports this market with three JVs: Mitec-Jebsen; Jebsen-TCG Automotive Systems (Dalian), which manufactures high-performance variable oil and water pumps; and MSR-Jebsen Technologies, which produces precision machined components for the fuel system, turbo charger, and transmission customers in China.


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