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News   OEM solutions for China’s automotive industry
OEM solutions for China’s automotive industry
Mitec-Jebsen ramps up annual production of balancer shafts to one million sets in 2013
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Mitec-Jebsen will be participating in Auto Shanghai 2013
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通往汽车创新之路——捷成汽车零部件携史上最强阵容参展AutoShanghai 2015
Jebsen Industrial showcases Auto OEM solutions for China’s automotive industry at Auto China 2014
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On Apr 20-24, 2014, Jebsen Industrial made what is now regarded as its regular presence at Auto China 2014. Also known in full as 13th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the show is thought to be the country’s largest of its kind. In keeping with Auto China’s theme of ‘Driving towards a better future’, Jebsen Industrial showed the way to forge a more sustainable future an impressive line-up of cutting-edge solutions.

Hundreds of visitors to its booth had the opportunity to meet Auto OEM solutions for China’s automotive industry including the solution for auto engine like MITEC-Jebsen, Jebsen-TCG, and MSR-Jebsen, the solution for Riveting automation - PROFIL, and especially the new solution for hydraulic steering system - tedrive Steering.

tedrive Steering, the German steering specialist with more than 50 years of experience in development and production. The brand is perhaps best known for its intelligent hydraulic steering system, iHSA® (intelligent Hydraulic Steering Assist) – an innovation that is sustainably influencing the market for vehicle steering systems. By means of its torque overlay, iHSA® offers safety and comfort from a hydraulic technology that is variable, front axle load-independent and environmentally friendly.

Visitors also met with all three of Jebsen Industrial’s joint ventures in China.

MITEC -Jebsen, established in 2007 with Mitec Automotive of Germany, was the first foreign-owned company in China to develop and manufacture balancer shaft systems. It has since steadily increased production capacity to meet rising demand from foreign and domestic automotive manufacturers. Last year, its production levels reached one million sets of balancer shafts, representing a 20% increase from 2012. Looking to the future, Jebsen Industrial has revealed that Mitec-Jebsen plans to expand its portfolio to include high-precision gears.

Jebsen-TCG, formed in 2011 with Austria’s TCG Unitech, manufactures high-performance state-of-the-art oil pumps for China’s rapidly growing automotive industry. Its RMB20 million plant in Dalian only started production in 2013 but the industry has quickly come to realise that its oil pumps can increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and extend engine life. It is now the single largest vendor supplying Gen 2 EA888 oil pumps to Volkswagen China。

MSR-JebsenTechnologies, Jebsen Industrial’s third and youngest joint venture with Switzerland’s MICON Holding, introduced its energy-saving gasoline direct-injection fuel pump housings to Auto China 2014. With start of production slated in the second quarter of the year, MSR-Jebsen explained to trade visitors how direct injection technology can increase fuel efficiency by up to 15% and how it is regarded as the optimal green solution for small and medium cars.

“We are seeing two major market trends in China today. First, engines are getting smaller and more compact. 1.2T and 1.4T engines are becoming increasingly mainstream. In this area, we realise that our competitors seem to be falling behind either in terms of technology or the degree to which their solutions are localised for China. We recognise our competitive advantage in this area and will continue to focus on it,” said Mr Arnie Jensen, General Manager of Jebsen Automotive Technik.

“The second trend is towards reducing fuel consumption and raising vehicular performance.This is a market opportunity with great potential and an area where we are already active. Our solutions, including Mitec-Jebsen’s balancer shafts and Jebsen-TCG’s variable oil pumps, are effectively responding to China’s call for emission reduction,” he added.

“For Jebsen Industrial, the future of our automotive business will be to grow our own product portfolio. We are always on the lookout for new joint venture opportunities and hope that, as early as this year, we will be able to share information on our fourth auto parts joint venture business.”

To find out how Jebsen Industrial can help you succeed in Greater China, or for more information about any of the products or services featured here, please contact us at indenquiry@jebsen.com.


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